GJ Custom Contracting


Blue Mountain Inn Lobby

From beginning to end, the GJ Custom Contracting team was pleased to be part of the renovation project that breathed new life into the lobby of the original Blue Mountain Inn. The client, recognizing the dated look of the hotel lobby, wanted to revamp the entire space to provide a sleek and modern design. As a first class resort, they realized a sophisticated hotel lobby was critical as this was the first impression their guests received.
Beyond the dated interior finishes, the layout did not efficiently utilize the space. The GJ team redesigned the layout to maximum effect, which involved removing a main building interior support wall to provide an open concept.
In keeping with the renovations occurring throughout the Blue Mountain Inn, GJ Custom Contracting, worked closely with the client (engineers, the VP and Director of Engineering)to ensure the newly proposed design blended well and met the diverse needs for the space.
Beautiful design elements include herring bone tiled floors, bench seating, and a custom, Caesar stone feature wall and front desk.
At project completion, the client was not only thrilled with the outcome, but also proud to welcome guests to the hotel.


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