GJ Custom Contracting


Blue Mountain Conference Centre

Village Conference Centre – Blue Mountain Resort, Town of the Blue Mountains


Based upon the huge success of the Blue Mountain Inn (Lobby, Inn rooms, and Pottery restaurant) renovation and excellent working relationship between Blue Mountain Resort and GJ Custom Contracting, GJ was brought in once again to complete a very ambitious, large scale project for the resort.


The Village Conference Centre is a world class conference space housing over 50,000 square feet of event, tradeshow, and meeting space.  The building features a 10,000 square foot kitchen that was custom built from beginning to end by GJ Custom Contracting. A unique feature of the building is known as The Courts, which is a massive event/tradeshow space that doubles as an indoor tennis facility.


Beyond the custom kitchen, the scope of the project for GJ Custom Contracting included building, installing, and completing all the interior and exterior finishes of the building. GJ worked with engineers and architects employing GJ in-house trades and skilled crafters to complete the project.


Working directly with Blue Mountain Resort for approvals, the year and a half large scale project was completed within the client’s timeline. The end result is an impressive, multi-functional building with design elements that tie it in beautifully with the Intrawest Village aesthetic.


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